House stuff

Yesterday, Ana called Construx (the company that built our house) about two outstanding issues. #1) We still have a 'temporary' sump line running out of the house, dumping water into what is now a small moat between us and the neighbors. #2) about a month ago the doorknob on the door going to the garage … Continue reading House stuff


Damn Visual Studio.NET takes forever to install. It has been running for a good 45 minutes and it hasn't even gotten to the MSDN Library (3 CDs). I tried out PalmVNC with my Treo. That's some really cool software; I highly doubt I'll ever have a need to use it, but it definitely has geek … Continue reading Install

Laptop Repaired

My laptop came back today after a stunning turnaround time. Much to my delight, they did indeed replace the hard drive (serial numbers prove it). However, they said they didn't find anything wrong with the CDROM. Odd, I haven't been able to burn a CD in months. After booting I pop in the same CD … Continue reading Laptop Repaired

Apartment: Done

We have finally finished cleaning the apartment. It's spotless and we will be turning in the keys at the end of the week. Next up will be to go through the large pile of stuff we transported into a corner of our basement. There's no real rush to do that though. While we had Ana's … Continue reading Apartment: Done


Finally got the lawn mower out of the box tonight. Since I had gotten that far I figured I may as well cut the grass. The front yard went very smoothly, but the side of the house where our temporary sump line deposits was a pain in the butt. Part of the problem was the … Continue reading Lawn


Today I received the box and packing instructions for my laptop, so this evening I spent some time getting my laptop and accessories packed nicely before shipping it off to a place called MicroMedics for repair. Hopefully their work is better than their name and url make them look. Without my laptop I have had … Continue reading Shipped

Quiet Evening

Went over to my parents' house after work to help them setup a new entertainment center. It's a very nice piece of furniture and looks great in the room. I mentioned to them about the whole No TV thing and yet again I was given looks of confusion. Personally, it's been two very pleasant and … Continue reading Quiet Evening

Click, Click, Click

As I write this, I am frantically copying data off of my laptop. Every minute or so a very loud clicking noise is followed by disk thrashing and a very sluggish OS. The Event Log reports bad blocks on the drive and explorer is crashing frequently with I/O errors. Click, click, click, thud. Ahh the … Continue reading Click, Click, Click