Quiet Evening

Went over to my parents' house after work to help them setup a new entertainment center. It's a very nice piece of furniture and looks great in the room. I mentioned to them about the whole No TV thing and yet again I was given looks of confusion. Personally, it's been two very pleasant and … Continue reading Quiet Evening

Click, Click, Click

As I write this, I am frantically copying data off of my laptop. Every minute or so a very loud clicking noise is followed by disk thrashing and a very sluggish OS. The Event Log reports bad blocks on the drive and explorer is crashing frequently with I/O errors. Click, click, click, thud. Ahh the … Continue reading Click, Click, Click

New Toy

This morning after coming back from breakfast, Ana and I stopped in a Best Buy to finally look at a new cellphone for me. I've been very reluctant because I like my old phone so much, even if the screen has gone out and it's only about 10% effective as a phone. Anyway, Ana finally … Continue reading New Toy


We gave it a valiant effort, but after 7+ hours of cleaning the apartment we still need to go back next weekend to finish it up. Ugh, that's depressing. Visited Lowes tonight and bought a... lawn mower. Thrilling.