Productive Evening

Tonight turned out to be a very productive evening. First off was downloading the UltraVNC source, making a quick change to a constant and recompiling. This was for work where we are wanting to allow one user at a time to hit a pc via VNC. Apparently this configuration option is/was available in the original … Continue reading Productive Evening

Third Photo

Tonight I was barely able to get my third necessary picture of the moon. Check out the Waxing Crescent. This was difficult to get because without the moon filter it was very bright and with the filter it was too dim. The wind was also pretty strong tonight so a lot of the pictures I … Continue reading Third Photo


We placed our order for a couch and loveseat today. At the store they only have three colors on hand (two shades of brown and a green) and we decided on the red, so it will be 8-10 weeks before they arrive. I was pretty disappointed when I learned about the long delay, but we … Continue reading Furniture

Ana is Home

Ana was able to get all of her work done yesterday in NY so today was able to get on a plane earlier than expected for her return home. Instead of getting here at 9:30pm she arrived around 5:30pm. Her trip went well and the goals accomplished. After dinner at Smokey Bones, we went to … Continue reading Ana is Home

More Chef Web

So here's what it looks like on the Treo. These screenshots also show the new functionality I just hooked up tonight, the ability to just search for recipes that can be made with ingredients onhand in the inventory. Next up at some point will be to show in the recipe how much of a given … Continue reading More Chef Web