Art, Furniture

It has been a busy day for us today. It started with us visiting The Old Capital Art Fair in downtown Springfield. Ana has gone numerous times in the past but it was my first visit. We both saw several pieces that would look great in our dining room and reading room but our upcoming furniture purchase is taking precedence. Even without buying anything, it was nice walking around and viewing the wide variety of art.

Next on our agenda was furniture shopping. I have no idea how many couches and chairs we sat in today, but it’s a lot more tiring than either of us expected. So far we think we know where we will be purchasing from and, suprisingly, we are leaning towards a very bold red set for the family room. The biggest problem we are having is figuring out how we want to set the room up: one couch, two chairs, no end table? one couch, one loveseat, end tables; would an ottoman fit?

A relaxing evening at home with a movie is planned, probably with a side of C#.





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