Chef Web

ChefWeb is up! Right now it's just providing the ability to search and display recipes. Tomorrow night I'm going to hook up the 'what can I make' code to the web, should be a piece of cake since it looks/works just like the regular search. Chef Web is just a web interface on the larger … Continue reading Chef Web

One Year

Ana and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary tonight. I'm still astonished that she deemed me good enough to want to be around for the rest of her life. Thank goodness though, I don't know what I'd do without her. On an unrelated note, well hopefully anyway... Ana's heading out of town on business to … Continue reading One Year

Art, Furniture

It has been a busy day for us today. It started with us visiting The Old Capital Art Fair in downtown Springfield. Ana has gone numerous times in the past but it was my first visit. We both saw several pieces that would look great in our dining room and reading room but our upcoming … Continue reading Art, Furniture

Cool Again

We have Air Conditioning! When we bought our house one of the things that still needed to be done (aside from the sump line, arrr) was hooking up the A/C. The heating and cooling company wouldn't do it until the temperature consistently stayed above 70 degrees, which we didn't really have until the 85ish days … Continue reading Cool Again

Ice Cream

As I was standing outside grilling the meat for our fajitas this evening, I heard faint musical notes in the distance, accompanied by the occasional ringing bell. This goes on for ten minutes at least, growing louder and louder until I finally realized what it was... we have an ice cream truck driving through our … Continue reading Ice Cream


Finally I was able to get a weekend not surrounded by rain so I could get the deck and driveway waterproofed. Took about 3 hours to do both with the added bonus of now having a sunburn and waterproof hands! Ana and I made a grocery run today and made use of Chef's shopping list … Continue reading Waterproof