Useful Utilities

I thought I'd pass along a couple of very useful utilities I've been running for a little while now in Windows. One is the virtual desktop manager Virtual Dimension first brought to my attention by David. There are a few quirks but it works better than a couple other ones I've tried (and given up … Continue reading Useful Utilities

New Furniture!

Our new sofa and loveseat were delivered today, they look great in our family room. The fabric is called Microfiber and it looks and feels like suede. Quite comfortable. Before the delivery truck arrived, we had to move the current furniture from the family room into our empty living room. That has turned out looking … Continue reading New Furniture!


As reported earlier, the sump line was connected incorrectly. Today I took off work and called Construx, expecting a quick conversation followed by them coming out to take care of it. Nope, suprise - they are done. They consider that since it's functioning, their job is complete. The issue is dead. So now we have … Continue reading Sigh


After four phone calls and some heated "discussions", 3 workers from Construx came to the house today and got the sump line buried. Woooo, finally. BUT, when I got home I discovered that they connected the buried pipe to the temporary line coming out of the house. They were supposed to attach it to the … Continue reading Buried!


Our furniture is set to be delivered this coming Saturday morning. We're pretty excited, can't wait to see what bright red looks like in our family room. It's worth noting that we have 30 days to return the furniture, even if it's just because we don't like the color - I don't expect we'll have … Continue reading Tidbits


Thursday morning I sent a few letters out regarding Construx and their inability to get our sump line buried. One went to the Vice President of Residential at Construx, one to the company we purchased the house through, and one to our real-estate agent. I didn't expect any of the letters to arrive before the … Continue reading Construx

Laptop Battery

You may recall that I had my laptop repaired and when it came back, the battery was wrapped and labeled defective, with a warning saying that any damage caused by it would void my warranty. Well I'm sick and tired of being tethered to a power source, and don't want to spend the money on … Continue reading Laptop Battery

Weekend’s over

This weekend sure went fast. We didn't do much, which was really nice, but it has flown by. I'm sitting in bed wishing I didn't have to work in the morning! Chronicles of Riddick turned out to be a very fun movie, despite most of the reviews I read boforehand. I'm actually glad they left … Continue reading Weekend’s over

Dinner and a Movie

Sitting here in Cheddar's, having just ordered... shit just got notified they don't have guinness on tap anymore- no black and tan for me. anyhow we're heading to see Chronicle's of Riddick later on. Pitch Black was awesome, hopefully this won't disappoint.