Our furniture is set to be delivered this coming Saturday morning. We’re pretty excited, can’t wait to see what bright red looks like in our family room. It’s worth noting that we have 30 days to return the furniture, even if it’s just because we don’t like the color – I don’t expect we’ll have that problem though.

I’m watching the Cardinals vs. Cubs game as I type this, and Ana is sitting in the chair next to me watching Mary Poppins on her laptop with headphones. She’s apparently having a good time, she’s got a big smile on her face and is laughing periodically. :)

Construx is supposed to come tomorrow, not holding my breath.

Over the weekend I started work on a new EJ innovations website, not sure if I’ll actually use the layout or not but I got to learn a lot more about CSS.

And finally, did a little work on Chef too. Mostly some icons that I took the time to create.

Damn, Cards just lost.





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