Oops, a week since the last post…

The Soft Paws are working out pretty well. Both cats have had a few come off, but that’s probably due to us being new at putting them on. I think our cats are also a bit more active and put a little more stress on the caps than your typical house cat. Regardless, they are doing their job in keeping scratches off our furniture, so we ordered some more today.

This past week I had a bit of work done on my car so it can make the trip to the east coast for vacation. The work has included (or will include, repairs being finished early next week): oil system inspection, tune-up, two new front tires, and a four wheel alignment. For more than the past year, I’ve noticed excessive oil usage, to the tune of having to put more oil in two months (or 2,000 miles) after an oil change. It was annoying but I never took it in to get it checked out like I really should have. Anyhow, it turned out to be nothing big – the pcv valve had been clogged/stuck in the open position, allowing oil to just flow out at will. It created one hell of a mess (I’ve added a lot of oil in the past year…) but since it was under the engine cover, it was never visible. With all the work, the car is driving great again, probably even better than when I first purchased it.

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