PostgreSQL 8 Beta

This evening I went and downloaded the new PostgreSQL 8.0 Beta which now runs natively on Windows. I've installed it but haven't setup the Chef database yet because of my reliance on the fulltext module for text indexing - I'm not yet sure what fulltext searching options are available in 8. Anyway, it's on my … Continue reading PostgreSQL 8 Beta

New Computers

I just finished up building a pair of computers for Ana's sister and cousin. Her sister's computer was fried by lightning about a month ago and she was cut an insurance check last week. Ana's cousin is headed to college for her freshman year and needs a computer. Both machines have this Shuttle board and … Continue reading New Computers

Travel Products

Here are a few items we found indispensible on our road trip. Highly recommended for those travelling in a car for any considerable amount of time. Igloo KoolMate 40 This is a thermoelectric cooler/heater which plugs into the cigarette lighter in the car. It cools to something like 45 degrees below outside temperature or heats … Continue reading Travel Products

Home Sweet Home

Home! We arrived around 7:15 tonight, after a very smooth drive from Sevierville, TN. We went through Champaign around 5pm and stopped in for some BW3 which tasted great. Many thanks to David and Libby for being such great hosts while we were in Durham, we had a great time and hope to visit again … Continue reading Home Sweet Home