I've finished migrating to a new webserver, the former Windev. There should be a noticable improvement in responsiveness. The only thing left for me to do before I can say the move is complete is to get mailman 100% functional again.

New Memory

Exchanged my memory stick today. Got home and the new computer booted right up. After installing XP though, I found the onboard nic can send but not receive any data. Good thing I had a new 100Mb card laying around to toss in. On to the visual studio installation...


We visited Ana's sister this weekend in Marshall, Il. Ana helped her work in a booth for the town's fall festival while I spent the day doing some coding. What I built was a small utility for entering my telescope observation logs and exporting them to wiki-markup, in the format of those found here. I … Continue reading Weekend

Solar Filter

Today was completely cloudless, so I rushed home after work to setup the telescope and try out the new solar filter and camera mount. The solar filter lets in roughly 1/10,000th of the light - pretty cool. This is one of the pictures taken, albeit a bit out of focus since I was hastily taking … Continue reading Solar Filter

September 6, 1979

Today is my 25th birthday. Ana suprised me with a few things for my telescope which include a solar filter and camera mount. I can't wait to use them both, it just figures that today is a very overcast day.