Tonight I made a very quick test run of using a webcam with my telescope. Lots of people have been very successful in creating awesome photographs with their webcams, but I was pretty skeptical. I've been waiting to make a way of connecting the webcam to the telescope until I knew for sure it was … Continue reading Webcam

Halloween Decorations

Ana and I have decided to do up the house with Halloween decorations and scary stuff for the trick'r treaters in the neighborhood. It should end up looking pretty cool and provide a fun evening tomorrow. Some preliminary pics can be seen here.


I ran across this article over at CNN. I think what Nevada is doing is a very good idea, but I first chuckled at thought of how appropriate it would be if people were lining up at slot machines to cast their votes for office.


Awaiting the start of Game 4, hopefully the cardinals will show up to play. They've been very flat these past three games, it's pretty depressing to watch. They still have a chance, but it's probably just as big as my chance to catch a glimpse of the lunar eclipse tonight through the heavy cloudcover. Sucks … Continue reading [untitled]


Ana and I are preparing for the anticipated onslaught of trick'r treaters next weekend. We have several pounds of candy, in addition to a few things we're going to decorate the house with (which is to involve some motion sensors, scary beings, and creapy music). Should be pretty fun, I'll take some pictures if it … Continue reading Halloween

Waxing Gibbous

Right now the game is tied 7-7 in the 7th, after being down 7-2! I was able to get a few good shots of the moon earlier: waxing gibbous and the bay known as Sinus Iridum.