Radio Shark

One of my Christmas presents from Ana, the Radio Shark, was delivered yesterday. This is one cool piece of hardware, you can definitely tell the company designs it for Apple machines. I've tried it out a couple times and it's great. The software leaves much to be desired, but hopefully they'll be able to update … Continue reading Radio Shark


Today I put in the second of three new circuits in the basement. I feel bad that I had procrastinated so long, but there really wasn't a driving need to get it done since the computers were all put on the first. This one went pretty quickly, and it worked correctly on the first try … Continue reading Electricity


Last night my cat was walking around the house and Ana noticed some tinsel hanging off his tail. Except when she went to go pull it off, she found that it was hanging out of his butt! Doh, stupid cat eating the tinsel!


A while back I posted about software called Plone. At that time I didn't have a use for it, but that has changed. I am setting up a Plone for my astronomy stuff and have just finished moving my observation logs over from Wiki. If you want to get an idea of how I'm using … Continue reading Plone


It has been a while since I've last posted, not a whole lot has been going on. Last night after work, Ana and I went to a few stores and purchased all the necessary Christmas decorations we'd need today. We also picked up our Christmas tree and decorated it before heading to bed last night. … Continue reading Decorations