SkyView Pro 8

I ordered my new telescope yesterday, the Orion SkyView Pro 8" Reflector. I was planning on ordering in a week or two but they had a nice 10% off sale that was too hard to pass up. This will be a vast improvement over my current beginner's scope which is only 4.5" in diameter. Needless … Continue reading SkyView Pro 8


It's odd when you sit down and spend an evening watching many hours of recorded television and walk away feeling as if something was actually accomplished. Truly bizarre.


I'm feeling pretty lazy today, but it's a nice change from the past 3 weeks. The business trip went fantastic, installation went much smoother than any of us imagined it would. The weather's pretty crappy right now, 10 degrees (F) with a wind chill of -10 thanks to the 40mph winds. It's supposed to get … Continue reading Lazy


Got my car back today, had it in to get a new windshield. Over the weekend it was hit by a rock while driving and shortly thereafter a large crack grew across about 2/3 of its length. The new one sounds kinda funny when I hit bumps, but hopefully that'll go away once it settles … Continue reading Windshield