I’m feeling pretty lazy today, but it’s a nice change from the past 3 weeks. The business trip went fantastic, installation went much smoother than any of us imagined it would.

The weather’s pretty crappy right now, 10 degrees (F) with a wind chill of -10 thanks to the 40mph winds. It’s supposed to get clear tonight, which I was excited about; but not if it’s that cold. My telescope has been outside just once in the past 3-4 weeks because of the weather.

Last weekend I purchased a pair of 802.11g wireless cards to upgrade our wireless network here at home. Prior to this, our linksys cards had software that managed the wireless connections – and it did a very poor job at it. With the new cards, I haven’t had my connection drop once! Not to mention the speed boost. Very pleased.

Next up is to track down a cheap scanner to replace my malfunctioning one. That sounds like an easy task until you realize everyone thinks you want a scanner/printer/fax/copier/dishwasher combination.





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