New Tables

The tables we ordered 3 weeks ago were delivered today. It took a long time to find a set in town that we liked, but it was worth the wait. These complete the furniture purchases for the family room, next up is the living room.

Fantasy Baseball

I just finished creating my league and team on's Ultimate Salary Cap fantasy baseball game. If anyone wants to join my league, just let me know and I'll get you the password. This game is slightly different than other fantasy baseball games because the startup time is a lot shorter - just pick who … Continue reading Fantasy Baseball

New Shredder

Tonight I bought a new shredder to replace the cheapo $10 one I have effectively killed. This one can handle a much larger load and cross cuts; should last a while. To break it in, I spent 2 hours shredding our "shred queue" - resulting in 2+ large garbage bags of shreds.


Ana and I are tossing around the idea of travelling down to Florida for a day or so to watch the space shuttle launch when it returns to flight. I've always wanted to see a launch and I will probably be in need of a short vacation from work around then, so when could be … Continue reading Shuttle


As of Friday, Construx and St. Agnes Homes went out of business. They had filed for bankruptcy about a month ago but couldn't come to an agreement with their debtors and had to close shop. I feel sorry for the few remaining employees that ended up getting screwed by the owner, but of the companies … Continue reading Construx


It's been one hell of a week at work and I'm utterly exhausted. So much so that it's clear outside and I've decided to stay in and head to bed early; now that's tired. I have more work to do this weekend but will just do that Sunday so I can get a day of … Continue reading TGIF