As of Friday, Construx and St. Agnes Homes went out of business. They had filed for bankruptcy about a month ago but couldn’t come to an agreement with their debtors and had to close shop. I feel sorry for the few remaining employees that ended up getting screwed by the owner, but of the companies themselves I say good riddance! They were the first companies I’ve personally encountered that continually lied to my face and broke everything they touched.

Bye, bye Construx and St. Agnes!






5 responses to “Construx”

  1. Dave Avatar

    So what do you do now if there are problems with the house? What about your warranties?


  2. EJ Avatar

    We had a one year warranty on everything, and that ended in February. We had a list of small things in to them to get fixed and never heard from them. The warranty on the structure is through Liberty Mutual, and the warranty on the basement is through Superior Walls; both of which thankfully still exist.


  3. David Rasch Avatar

    What a bummer. Is the neighborhood all built out already? Or are there going to now be empty lots?


  4. EJ Avatar

    Our neighborhood is all built out, we were the last house actually. There is another neighborhood, however, just a few blocks from us that Construx was working on and don’t think finished. They were also in the middle of building a car dealership in town that now sits dormant.


  5. Dawn Avatar

    Out of curiosity…what subdivision do you live in? I live in a Construx built subdivision in Washington. Thankfully, we moved into our home in Jan 2000 and are done handling all of the poor craftmanship that Construx gave us.


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