Fantasy Baseball

I just finished creating my league and team on’s Ultimate Salary Cap fantasy baseball game. If anyone wants to join my league, just let me know and I’ll get you the password. This game is slightly different than other fantasy baseball games because the startup time is a lot shorter – just pick who you want on your team (max of $50 million) and you’re done, no long drafting process. It costs $20 for a team ($18 if you sign up within the next day), but if we get 10 people in the league then the winner will get $50.

If you aren’t too hot on paying for it, they also have a free game which is similar but with fewer roster spots (9 versus 14), lower cap ($30m instead of $50m, and fewer prizes. I have a league and team setup there as well (Free Hot Stove/Free Dozers).

Should be fun for those of us that are baseball fans, even if our team(s) don’t do well during the year.





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