Our weekend started out with a simple trip to Lowes on Saturday morning. We picked up a pair of lamps for our family room to match the new tables and then headed down the shelving aisle to see what we could get for the garage. I picked one shelving unit out, even had it in the cart before thinking about how I’d rather not lose the floor space in the garage. I’d much rather have shelves mounted on the wall. The thought process continued until we realized we first needed to tape and mud the garage walls before painting, before hanging shelves.

So that’s what we did alllllll weekend. Clean out the crap, tape, apply joint compound, sand, apply more compound. The final sanding will probably occur next weekend before painting. We’re both exhaused (Ana is also refinishing the bench we have on our deck) and it was a lot of work, but finally getting to paint will be rewarding.

Click to see the finished product.






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