Last Friday I ordered a Green Laser Pointer and it arrived today. I tried it out in a room without light and wasn’t able to see the beam like you’re supposed to, kinda disappointing but it may have been because my eyes weren’t really dark adapted at all. I can’t wait to take it outside tonight once the sun goes down.

The weekend was nice and relaxing. Friday was spent mowing the lawn and looking all over town for the laser pointer. Had to order it since nobody carries them. Friday night we (myself, Ana, Jay, and Katherine) watched Spanglish (suprisingly good) and an episode of The Office (BBC). Ended up being a late night, but fun.

Saturday involved us enslaving Jay for some yard work because he had mentioned on IM that he was bored. That’ll be the last time he mutters those words. We all enjoyed a huge meal on the grill though.

To top off the weekend we went to the Springfield Air Rendezvous to catch the Blue Angels. It was sunny, cold, and windy. Both our faces are red with a sun/wind burn combo.





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