Busy Weekend

This weekend turned out to be pretty busy. Ana finished sanding one of our pieces of bedroom furniture and was able to prime and paint it; photos soon. Shopping for Father's Day gifts took up most of the day on Saturday, and I spent Friday and Saturday night out under the stars getting some pretty … Continue reading Busy Weekend

Ring Nebula

Took the telescope out last night, it was a very clear evening. I was able to snap a few shots of M57, The Ring Nebula. I was pretty suprised they came out like they did, this was the first time I've used the 15 second exposure option on my digital camera - I had the … Continue reading Ring Nebula

X-Files Mythology

Picked up my copy of X-Files Mythology 1 tonight from Best Buy. I really enjoyed X-Files when it was on, but stopped really keeping track of the main story line once I went to college. Watching the Pilot episode now!


At work today we only had a half day, we spent the other half at Lake Springfield for a family picnic. Ana was able to take off the afternoon and partake as well. The food and drinks were good and I set up my telescope for some solar viewing - a couple dozen people and … Continue reading Picnic

Solar Filter

My anniversary gift from Ana, a new Solar Filter for the new telescope, arrived today. I had to go to FedEx and pick it up after work but tried it out when I got home. It's amazing what this telescope can do compared to my old one. I didn't think it would make much difference … Continue reading Solar Filter


Ana and I went to a few stores tonight and ended up purchasing 12 DVDs that were on the "cheap racks". Our collection has exploded to over 140 now. In other news, Springfield finally has two Taco Bells open again. The most recent was about 5 minutes from our house that opened last week; mmm … Continue reading Movies