Ana and I went to a few stores tonight and ended up purchasing 12 DVDs that were on the “cheap racks”. Our collection has exploded to over 140 now.

In other news, Springfield finally has two Taco Bells open again. The most recent was about 5 minutes from our house that opened last week; mmm gorditas! Hopefully they won’t go bankrupt and force us to be without for 2+ years again.

We were at the Taco Bell tonight and witnessed some idiot teenage girl back out of her parking spot and proceed to swipe the Grand Am next to her as she turned. The Grand Am shook as she got stuck in its trim and had to rock the car out, hitting it over and over. To our amazement, the girl looked around and saw about a dozen witnesses (all of us just staring at her) and DROVE OFF! We got the plates and found the owner inside to let them know; two local newscasters were also in the lot at the time and called police. As we were eating our food we were able to give info to the police officer.






2 responses to “Movies”

  1. Dave Avatar

    The fact 88 of those movies are sealed, shrink-wrapped collectors copies of Titanic you found on eBay doesn’t count.

    Public justice and fire sauce — can it get any better?


  2. EJ Avatar

    Scott – I can’t believe they were closed at 10:30! What total crap! I thought they’d be open late like every other taco bell on the planet, there have been several times when I’ve come close to driving over there around midnight. Geez.

    I don’t know what was going on with the text area, I’m not having any problem with it using firefox right now.

    Dave – you are a sick man. I’ve actually been successful in keeping Titanic OUT of our collection, although Ana almost picked it up lat night. Whew, close call.


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