Orb Status

Just a little progress report on the code I'm writing for the Ambient Orb... I have just finished the calculations needed to process the Clear Sky Clock. The orb will basically show a sky forecast for the next 48 hours (more details below for those interested). Right now that's the only one I am playing … Continue reading Orb Status


As of yesterday I am now 26 years old. We celebrated with a trip to Alexander's Steakhouse so I could get my free meal (when you bring in 3 others). Mmmmm.... steak. My gifts were fantastic. Jay and Katherine are getting me the wireless access point I'm going to need when we construct the Trans-Palisades … Continue reading Birthday


Where the heck did the long weekend go?? Painting, that's where. Ana and I decided to brighten up our house a little bit by painting the family room, kitchen, and foyer. It took the better part of 3 days to get it all done, with the help of Jay and Katherine, and we are exhausted … Continue reading Weekend?

New Orleans

I typically don't comment on current events, but I have just been astounded in the past 48 hours at the breakdown of society in New Orleans. I never imagined I would be seeing a disaster in the U.S. unfold on television where the rescuers and authorities were essentially paralyzed out of security fears. I can … Continue reading New Orleans