New Orleans

I typically don’t comment on current events, but I have just been astounded in the past 48 hours at the breakdown of society in New Orleans. I never imagined I would be seeing a disaster in the U.S. unfold on television where the rescuers and authorities were essentially paralyzed out of security fears.

I can understand people taking food, water, and other necessities (I’m certain I’d do the same in that situation) from stores – but the rampant theft of everything else is insane. Electronics? Sports jerseys? WTF? I have viewed crime as something done for personal gain. But in this situation, what the hell is to be gained? Every one of them is in the same cesspool.

And the stories of murder?? Rape?? Growing up, and until 2 days ago, I often wondered about why the National Guard was called in after natural disasters. It’s vividly clear now – boy was I naive.

Our prayers go out to all those suffering, hopefully the pain will lighten.





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