As of yesterday I am now 26 years old. We celebrated with a trip to Alexander’s Steakhouse so I could get my free meal (when you bring in 3 others). Mmmmm…. steak.

My gifts were fantastic. Jay and Katherine are getting me the wireless access point I’m going to need when we construct the Trans-Palisades network later this month, Ana got me some clothes (including a “Keep out of Direct Sunlight” t-shirt) and something I’ve wanted for a long time…. an Ambient Orb! Just upgraded to a premium account and plan on exploring their “developer” stuff this evening. Right now it’s sitting on my desk doing its default reporting of the Dow status. Pretty cool.

And finally, my parents tracked down a Rummy Royal game. For those who haven’t played, it’s a fun way to spend a few hours. I’m sure it’ll be used plenty.





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