Busch Stadium

Ana and I were fortunate to be able to go to the Cardinal game Saturday, what will be the last regular season game we attend in Busch Stadium as we know it. I’m sure the new Busch will be great, but we’ll miss the “old” one a lot. I’ve been going to this one for about 20 years and have a lot of memories from it – mostly with my dad, in recent years mostly with Ana, and with other family and friends sprinkled throughout.

Just sitting here thinking about it, I recall quite a bit. I’ve had my birthday listed on the scoreboard when I was young (thanks dad!) and witnessed quite a few things: Ozzie Smith’s last game, the old astroturf (walked on it once), the “new” grass, the remodeling over the years, McGwire taking BP, McGwire’s 500th home run, many fantastic playoff games in the recent years… the list goes on. Just writing this brings more to my mind.

For some reason, I vividly remember one chilly evening sitting in the bleachers with dad. I don’t think I was much over 10 years old and it had to have been an early Spring or late Fall game, based on the chill. It was a week night, well past 11 if I recall correctly. Dad had work in the morning and I had school, but there we were sitting in very empty bleachers watching the Cards in extra innings. I remember being all stretched out over the benches and staring up at the huge scoreboard/replay screen. Watching the Cardinals with dad; no rush to get home. Man that was great.

I remember the first time I sat in Field Box seats. We (dad and I) had rushed down to Stl after he had gotten off work. Rushed a little to fast – he got a speeding ticket which delayed our arrival until something like the middle of the 3rd inning. I had never walked “down” to seats at Busch before (those who have been there know what I mean), and as soon as we sat down I was amazed. I can still picture how big and close those San Francisco players looked.

Then there was the ballgame on the Sunday after my first high school prom. That was the prom where I first went out with Ana. Then there was the first ballgame Ana came with dad and I – she wore green. Not a shred of red. I still pick on her to this day for it.

There were a few games attended during college, most notable was one after doing horrible on an ECE exam the night before. The consolation was that we got to the park early and watched a good hour of batting practice – dad even caught one hit out by McGwire. I have pictures from that game in my office here at home.

Ana and I do what we can to make it to a few games together every year. Who would have thought I’d be lucky enough to marry a woman that likes to sit quietly with me and watch baseball. Not me.

I walked out of there tonight thinking “Farewell Busch, you’ve been good to me.”.

Well, that’s enough rambling for me tonight. I apologize for it being so long and probably boring. But there are a few of you out there that know feelings like these.

We took lots of pictures that I’ll have posted in the next day or so. Until then, here’s one panoramic I just stitched together.







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  1. Ryan H Avatar
    Ryan H

    Got here thru Jay’s sight and enjoyed your post on Busch. (Listening to the division gm 1 game right now) We also went to a few games a year. Here are a few of my memories…Went with just my grandma one time and got their early for warmups. Rex Hudler threw me a ball when he got done playing catch. I always loved, and still do, the utility players. My friends used to make fun of me because of all the Rex Hudler baseball cards I had (and the good ones I would trade away for them!) Another time, the air show was going on and Jay and I spent about an hour watching the planes. He was maybe 10 or 11 and I was probably 14, and it was one of the first mature conversations we had. That was a cool one. Then there were all the arrivals hours before the game to get autographs when the players actually got to the game. Ozzie, Vince, Willie, Jack Clark. But for me, it is the sound of the game on the radio that will always refresh those memories.

    Anyway, that’s my Cardinal love. Sara and I are so happy that Jay and Katherine have you two as friends. We know what its like to start out in marriage with great friends and we are thankful that they can experience it as well.


  2. EJ Avatar

    Ahh, Cardinal radio. I can’t count how many times I went to sleep listening to the post-game show and the “scoreboard show”. Not to mention the legendary voices – talk about the sounds of summer.

    I’m sure we’ll be seeing you and your family around quite often, we look forward to it.


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