Well I can’t believe it has been a few weeks since my last post. Not a whole lot has happened, but it sure has been busy. Work is busier and more hectic than ever before – there’s so much to do, and so little time

Congrats to Jay and Katherine on the purchase of their house (large picture alert..). Ana and I have been helping them out with odds and ends – painting and other random new home chores.

Two weekends ago I watched my telescope crash to the deck out back. I had attached it to the mount and started balancing it, when it just rolled right off the mount and hit the floor. I couldn’t believe it, histarical is probably the word to best describe it. The tube got several good sized dents, which made me sick, but the optics appear to have survived just fine. A couple days after the incident I purchased an automotive dent removal kit that worked wonders on the tube. Thank goodness.

Today I discovered that Civilization 4 was released, so after work I headed over to Best Buy to pick up a copy. I’m not much of a gamer, Civ games are the only ones I’ve ever really consistently purchased ASAP. My hardware isn’t anywhere near spectacular but it met minimum requirements on everything and met recommended on most; the game runs like shit. I’m not anywhere near the only one though, people who have spent much much much more on their gaming machines are having the same problems I am. Hopefully a patch will be released soon.

That’s it really. Like I said, not much new stuff going on.





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