Busy Day(s)

Ana and I have taken this week off, something we've wanted to do in the past but never gotten around to. Well, so far it has been move-move-move. Yesterday it was going to several stores to cash in some of our gift certificates, followed by an evening dinner with our highschool physics teacher Mrs. Langford … Continue reading Busy Day(s)

Mouse and Keyboard

I now have a new mouse and keyboard, and they are awesome! The keyboard is the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 and it's definitely the most comfortable keyboard I've ever used. It's unique for several reasons: the comfortable curve in addition to the "natural" style of keyboard; great key action; comfortable, padded wrist wrest built-in; … Continue reading Mouse and Keyboard


My parents recently gave me their Tivo since they were switching to Insight's DVR. I'm already using Insight's as well (dual HD tuner) so I don't need the Tivo for its recording capabilities. Instead, I have installed Galleon and now have mp3s, among other things, in my family room. The introduction of yet another device … Continue reading TiVo


A couple days ago, in an effort to clean out some of the comment spam my blog has been experiencing I deleted quite a few comments and accidently took a few legitamate ones with them. Sorry Scott, I know at least one of yours was accidently wiped out.