Busy Day(s)

Ana and I have taken this week off, something we’ve wanted to do in the past but never gotten around to. Well, so far it has been move-move-move. Yesterday it was going to several stores to cash in some of our gift certificates, followed by an evening dinner with our highschool physics teacher Mrs. Langford and her husband Dr. Langford. We had a very pleasant evening, and ended up talking with them until we left around 10:30pm.

Today it was running all over town getting me an eye exam and new glasses.

I now have 2 new pairs of glasses – one regular, one Rx sunglasses – and a third pair ordered for playing recquetball (also Rx). It had been a few years since my last eye exam and my prescription only changed a little bit, but I can see noticably better now. Who’da thought!

Tonight (in probably 15 minutes) we’re heading over to Ana’s family’s for yet another holiday party. It’ll be fine I’m sure, but we’re just a little worn out.

That’s it from the Johnson household…





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