Random 1

All of you that have a DVR at home, set it to record a show called Random/1 on A&E and give it a try. Ana and I think it's a pretty amazing, real-life show. Go to the website and look around to get an idea of what it's about.


Last weekend was Jay's bachelor weekend of sorts. It started with some LAN games on Friday night, followed on Saturday by paintball, a tool shower, and more LAN games. Talk about exhausted on Sunday. That was my first time playing paintball and it was awesome! I'm very glad I decided to buy the gear and … Continue reading Paintball

December 1st

Where the hell did November go?? Here it is, the first of December, and we have snow on the ground! My coworkers and I (those of us in the "POD") have our window blinds open and christmas music playing loudly. Currently playing: Bing Crosby singing Hark! The Herald Angels Sing/It Came Upon a Midnight Clear. … Continue reading December 1st