XM Radio Online

I considered purchasing an XM radio to bring into work for a nice music selection, but worried about being able to get any reception since I'm on a North facing wall.  Rather than buy one and find out, I have since started using the XM Radio Online to listen and it is working out nicely.  … Continue reading XM Radio Online


I was able to finally get outside under good skies for the first time in over a month. I grabbed a few shots of Saturn that turned out pretty well, larger than my past pictures of the planet. Click to go to the gallery for this and a couple other new shots.

Approved Keyboards

Last week I pushed Ana to get the same keyboard I purchased for both home and work. Her place of employment (most of you know where, but I shall not mention them) locks their machines down beyond belief, so she needed to send in a request to have the necessary microsoft keyboard driver, IntelliType Pro, … Continue reading Approved Keyboards