XM Radio Online

I considered purchasing an XM radio to bring into work for a nice music selection, but worried about being able to get any reception since I'm on a North facing wall.  Rather than buy one and find out, I have since started using the XM Radio Online to listen and it is working out nicely.  … Continue reading XM Radio Online


I was able to finally get outside under good skies for the first time in over a month. I grabbed a few shots of Saturn that turned out pretty well, larger than my past pictures of the planet. Click to go to the gallery for this and a couple other new shots.

Approved Keyboards

Last week I pushed Ana to get the same keyboard I purchased for both home and work. Her place of employment (most of you know where, but I shall not mention them) locks their machines down beyond belief, so she needed to send in a request to have the necessary microsoft keyboard driver, IntelliType Pro, … Continue reading Approved Keyboards

Digital Camera

Several months ago now, I purchased a Canon Powershot A510 for use in astronomy. I selected it because of its Manual mode which allows me to control most everything about the camera. Overall, I've been very happy with its astrophoto capabilities, as can be seen in my photo gallery. I have since started using the … Continue reading Digital Camera


Took a little time today to upgrade the blog to the new WordPress 2. I wonder if my spam problems will improve at all...