Tonight we purchased a Yamaha M404 piano, and it should be delivered tomorrow.  Ana's very excited that she'll have a piano in the house of her own to practice and play on, and I must say I'm excited about it too.  I love listening to the piano.


It has been a long time since I was last sick with flu-like symptoms.  4 years or so.  It hit with a vengeance last night, whew!  I only got a couple hours of sleep, and have spent the morning on the couch by the fire.  Ana is also not feeling good, but its something she … Continue reading Sick

Cubs Tickets, II

Ok, I forced myself to stop.  I have purchased 30 tickets today.  Most are for other people that are paying me ASAP, but I do have 4 games (12 tickets) that are going to be sold.


When I got home today, the orb was telling me that it was going to be clear and fairly steady skies for the evening.  So, for the first time in several weeks I setup the telescope and spent some time outside.  Was a nice relaxing evening, and I got to test out my new laser … Continue reading Stars


This weekend has been a slow one, with finally alittle taste of winter hitting Springfield.  Since we've been at home all weekend, I've managed to get some cleaning an organization taken care of. First up was to complete our taxes.  Our refund was deposited, so I finished the TurboTax filing procedures and made appropriate copies … Continue reading Organizing

VMWare Server

Holy Cow, the rumors are true, VMWare has released VMWare Server for free!  I hope we can switch to this at work, because Microsoft's Virtual Server has some major issues and causes more headaches than it's worth.  We are already running one instance of GSX Server and it hasn't given us near the amount of … Continue reading VMWare Server

Emily Nolting

This is a little overdue, but Emily Nolting was born Saturday morning (2/4/2006) at approximately 3:30am. She's beautiful and doing great.  Parents are doing great and are going home sometime today. We're all very happy to have her as part of the family!