VMWare Server

Holy Cow, the rumors are true, VMWare has released VMWare Server for free!  I hope we can switch to this at work, because Microsoft's Virtual Server has some major issues and causes more headaches than it's worth.  We are already running one instance of GSX Server and it hasn't given us near the amount of … Continue reading VMWare Server

Emily Nolting

This is a little overdue, but Emily Nolting was born Saturday morning (2/4/2006) at approximately 3:30am. She's beautiful and doing great.  Parents are doing great and are going home sometime today. We're all very happy to have her as part of the family!


Ana and I are here at St. John's Hospital waiting for our new Neice.  My sister Teresa will, God willing, give birth to their first daughter Emily tonight. Woo!  Uncle Eric and Aunt Ana!