I think I'll leave work after 8hrs today.  It's 72 degrees outside with a beautiful blue sky, not the kind of weather that's conducive to productivity.

IM at Work

So at work we use Windows Messenger, the idea being that we can communicate quicker.  This should be the case, but I've found that the vast majority of people here (mostly those older than myself) use it for: Got a minute?  Stop in my office. or  Got a minute to discuss X?  I'll call. or … Continue reading IM at Work


This marks the beginning of week 3 of exercising and slightly changing how I eat.  At work there's a decent (free) gym, but after working there for several years I've learned that once I'm home I'm just too lazy to drive 20 minutes to get back there for a workout.  So I purchased the cage … Continue reading Exercise


Ana headed to Minneapolis today for work.  She'll be gone until Thursday afternoon so it'll be pretty quiet around the house.


We're under a blizzard warning and will be for the next 19 hours or so.  No precipitation yet, but it's supposed to start raining shortly, followed by snow around 2am, and continue to snow until late afternoon/early evening tomorrow. Let's see, in one week we've gone from two F2 tornadoes to 70 degree days to … Continue reading Spring

Emergency Kit

A couple years ago, Ana and I spent a weekend putting together a home emergency kit.  We used literature from various sources like the Red Cross and Ready.Gov and ended up with what seems to be a fairily thorough package.  It's contained in one of those large rubbermaid tubs and has everything from cat food … Continue reading Emergency Kit


Since the storms and tornadoes rolled through Springfield last Sunday night, I've been looking around online at generators.  The kind that hook up to the natural gas line and kick on immediately are very tempting - and starting at around $1800 makes them a definite option.  But, I know deep down that it's overkill so … Continue reading Generators

Amazon S3

Amazon just released a new web service, S3, this week.  I'll admit that I have the urge to write something that makes use of it.  There are quite a few people bitching about it on various forums, saying that the price a too steep if you're going to store hundreds of GB; that may be … Continue reading Amazon S3


As many of you are aware, the Springfield area was hit pretty hard by 2 tornados late Sunday night.  Each of these destroyed parts of the city.  While there are some areas that are now completely unrecognizable, I wanted to let you know that we were left untouched.  We heard the winds and the transformer … Continue reading Tornado