Emergency Kit

A couple years ago, Ana and I spent a weekend putting together a home emergency kit.  We used literature from various sources like the Red Cross and Ready.Gov and ended up with what seems to be a fairily thorough package.  It’s contained in one of those large rubbermaid tubs and has everything from cat food and dishes to first aid kits, flashlights and anti-bacterial wipes.   Sunday night was the first time we’ve had to crack it open – for a radio, some batteries, and another flashlight.  Everything in it is packed for ease of access, so one ziplock bag had a flashlight and a package of batteries that run the flashlight.  I’m glad we didn’t need it for more, obviously, but just having those things in one place kept us from running througout the house when we needed to be in the basement.

We’ve since looked at the spreadsheet of its contents and realized there are a few items that are near expiring, so we’ll be heading to the store today to replace them as well as the batteries we used this week. I felt rather stupid putting the thing together but it was one less thing to worry about as we hunkered down in the basement.





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