Learned something worth remembering and passing along today at work regarding the utility ldifde that microsoft ships with both Windows Server and ADAM. I was attempting to import an ldif file into ADAM with ldifde but the file kept getting spit back at me with "Invalid DN Syntax". I had imported this exact same file … Continue reading ldifde.exe

Managed Spy

Some of you developers out there I'm sure have heard of our used Spy++ to investigate windows messages. Microsoft has posted Managed Spy which does some of what the original app did but for managed .net code. Get it here


I'm sitting here working with my window open listening to the light rain outside, and the birds chirping away.  It may look like crap outside, but it sure sounds great.


I just wanted to submit my first post as a hello to all who read the Johnson Blog.  Now that I have my own password I will make a point to post regularly. 

ADAM update

Last I mentioned, I was learning about the benefits of Active Directory Application Mode. The code is 95%+ complete, and the solution is working exactly as I wanted. ADAM has fit in wonderfully and is providing a very good foundation for an authorization and authentication system. There really haven't been many problems, other than a … Continue reading ADAM update


About a week ago, a coworker and I ran across a nifty C# operator that neither of us has seen before: the "??". We both know and use the ternary operator ("?"), but it took a quick look in the MSDN documentation to learn that A ?? B will return A if A is not … Continue reading C#


The piano was delivered on Friday, courtesy of Gene Grman Music.  Ana is now able to practice almost daily which she's really happy about.  And I no longer have to listen to that damn electronic keyboard she has been practicing on! I've never in my life been able to read music, let alone ever tried … Continue reading Update