Now that our network is up, I've decided to do a little upgrading. My new server should be delivered tomorrow and will probably end up replacing 4 old, old, old (think Pentium, Pentium II) machines running Linux. To the dismay of some I'm sure, this new server is going to be running Windows Server 2003. … Continue reading Server

antennas (pt. 2)

In preparation for installing the antennas, we did a little research to figure out how hard it might be to aim them. Google Earth provided us the information needed to calculate the vertical angles the antennas should be sitting at. Below is a map of the two houses: We started installation on a Sunday afternoon, … Continue reading antennas (pt. 2)

Wrigley Field

Today was my first ever trip to Wrigley Field, and I'm very glad I was able to go.  I've heard many people in the past tell me that it's a must-see and they were dead-on.  It's no-frills.  Just baseball.  The simplicity was great. We (Ana, my dad, my uncle, and I) left Springfield at around … Continue reading Wrigley Field

Baseball’s back

After a long winter absence, baseball is back.  I'm listening to the Cardinals wallop the Phillies as I type.  Ahh spring. At 10am today, the Cardinals released another 45,000 tickets at the new stadium since they are ahead of schedule.  I was lucky enough to be selected to purchase tickets and I bought 3 for … Continue reading Baseball’s back

Enough Already!

More bad weather tonight in Springfield.  My parents and I had just arrived on the west end of town when we heard the tornado sirens and the radio announcers explaining that a tornado was seen on the ground in Loami and was heading toward Springfield - putting it just a few minutes away from us.   … Continue reading Enough Already!