Baseball’s back

After a long winter absence, baseball is back.  I’m listening to the Cardinals wallop the Phillies as I type.  Ahh spring.

At 10am today, the Cardinals released another 45,000 tickets at the new stadium since they are ahead of schedule.  I was lucky enough to be selected to purchase tickets and I bought 3 for a game in May for Ana, my dad and I to go to.  Can’t wait to see the new ballpark.

And finally, this annoys me every year.  We wait all winter long for some baseball, then opening day comes and goes.  Then the Cardinals get a day off.  Quit teasing us – let them play the first few days of the new season!






One response to “Baseball’s back”

  1. Jay Howerter Avatar
    Jay Howerter

    I was beginning to wonder when I was going to have to deal with people loosing their minds when the game is on again.


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