Holiday Weekend

Well the beginning of summer is upon us with Memorial Day weekend.  We have a pretty busy few days coming up - heading to St. Louis on Saturday with Jay and Katherine to visit the Science Center and whatever else we feel like.  Magnificent Desolation Walking on the Moon is currently playing at the omnimax … Continue reading Holiday Weekend


We took our bikes out for a spin tonight, the first time this year.  We need to get into the habit of riding them a couple of times each week, it's definitely great exercise.  The 11 miles tonight has my legs feeling a little tired!

Hard drives

Thanks to my anniversary gift from Ana, my new hard drives are on order and waiting to be shipped along with the necessary raid controller.  I also ordered a USB2 -> IDE adapter to attach my 20GB tape drive to.  I'm not sure what I'll end up using it for now, but surely something will … Continue reading Hard drives