The past two nights I have been working up a prototype for the new Chef website.  I think it's the best looking site I've done, if I say so myself.  Taking the advice of a coworker, I mocked up the layout in photoshop before touching html/css.  It sure made the process go much faster, and … Continue reading ejichef.com

Coldstone Creamery

I've you've never been to a Coldstone Creamery, like Ana and I before tonight, and there's one near you - get there.  We were really impressed with how good the ice cream was, and it's pretty fun watching them make your dessert. I have no idea when they came to Springfield, it couldn't have been … Continue reading Coldstone Creamery

New Bikes

Last night Ana and I traded in our bikes (yes, bought last year) for a pair of new and larger ones. When we bought them last year we didn't realize what size we really needed and were riding ones that we are way too tall for. The bikes will arrive on Tuesday so we should … Continue reading New Bikes

PBJ Unlimited

My dad has started an eBay related business, and I've been working on the website for him. It's not nearly as complete as I want it to be yet, but it will gain more features over time. For the curious (and those too lazy to click the link), he's offering a service where you can … Continue reading PBJ Unlimited


Last weekend was the end of a string of very busy weekends.   In the past month+ we've had: a trip to St. Louis (science center, galleria, etc.), memorial day picnic in Troy, 2 high school graduations, a birthday, and a wedding.  We're hoping to stay around town this weekend, we'll see how it goes.

Just a question

This photo was taken from CNNs front page, presumably from a press conference announching that Al-Zarqawi. What I wonder is, where did they get a frame on such short notice.. and more importantly, why did they think a frame was needed??

Mark your calendars

In the spirit of the oranges, I'd like to report that this week I have eaten 4 apples!  Two more remain on my desk for today and tomorrow.  I think this breaks a 10 year apple hiatus.  Amazing. In related news, I also ate a serving of oatmeal this morning at my desk.  That's probably … Continue reading Mark your calendars