Well I’ll be…

In order to try to fix my wireless problem, I decided to give Windows' System Restore a shot.  I picked a restore point from about a week ago, let it do its thing, and bingo!  I'm connected again.

Day of code

Today I probably spent a good 6-8 hours working on Chef.  I was able to get a lot done and move it to the point where the recipe management side has a functional, basic object model.  You know what that means??  Time to move on to the UI! I already started to play around with … Continue reading Day of code


Two days ago I booted up my laptop like always but ran into a slight problem connecting to my wireless network.  Thinking my wireless card was dead, I used Ana's (same brand and model) with the same results.  Her laptop also worked flawlessly with my card.  Crap.  Driver reinstalls have done nothing. From what I … Continue reading Wireless

Day at the Lake

Friday was a very busy day.  My coworkers and I were given the day off to spend at a park on Lake Springfield.  The event wasn't until late morning, so I was able to do the following: Eat breakfast Take my car in to a body shop for a repair estimate from accident last week … Continue reading Day at the Lake


We were on a bike ride last night when I noticed I was getting suprisingly tired and going slower and slower than normal.  We didn't go riding last week due to weather, so I thought it was just because my legs had a week off and were simply struggling to get going again.  Nope, after … Continue reading Flat

XM Radio

We have two XM Radio receivers, one in Ana's car and one in our family room.  Ana loves it, but until recently I just hadn't listened to it much since the one in the house is in the family room where not a whole lot of time is spent (in the summer).  So a couple … Continue reading XM Radio