21 miles

I took a nice bike ride today on the Lost Bridge Trail to Rochester.  Ana went shopping with her mom so I figured it would  be good to get some exercise.  It was a 21 mile ride, which is longer than I’ve ridden before.  I made a mistake and didn’t eat any lunch before riding (and only having half a bagel for breakfast), but I made it just fine.  Initially my legs were hurting a little bit, but they just feel a little tired right now, 3 hours after the fact.

Today is also the 5 month mark of regular exercise for me.  That’s 5 months of weekday weight lifting and bike riding (lifting on MWF, biking or leg weight training on TuTh) with more bike riding on the weekends.  I’m happy to report that, while weight loss is negligible, I’m much stronger, I gained 3-4 notches on my belt, my clothes fit better, and I feel all-around better.





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