21 miles

I took a nice bike ride today on the Lost Bridge Trail to Rochester.  Ana went shopping with her mom so I figured it would  be good to get some exercise.  It was a 21 mile ride, which is longer than I've ridden before.  I made a mistake and didn't eat any lunch before riding … Continue reading 21 miles

Yard work

I may have mentioned that our yard had grubs earlier this year.  They moved in last year sometime and began destroying the back yard.  We have since sprayed for them, and the grass startd to recover - but there was/is still a lot of areas devoid of good, thick grass.  Not suprisingly, weeds found these … Continue reading Yard work


Just in case we forgot where we live and what time of the year it is, nature just reminded us.  It's August in Central Illinois.  We are forecasted for a humid high of 99 degrees with a heat index of a whopping 105.