Smoking Ban

A smoking ban went into effect this past Sunday for public facilities in Springfield.  A lot of people are up in arms about not being able to exercise their freedom and fill the air with toxic chemicals that harm people, but a lot more are happy that they can go to a restaurant without having to breathe toxic chemicals that harm people 🙂

A co-worker (and friend… I guesss) of mine, Justin Long,  said that his home away from home, Spammy’s Tavern is having a rough go of it without all of the smoke.  So rough, in fact, that they just purchased a large flat panel television to show how much money they’ll be losing because of the ban.  What a shame.  I feel for them.  Really, I do.






3 responses to “Smoking Ban”

  1. Justin Long Avatar
    Justin Long

    As Eric said, Spammy’s is like a home away from home for me. I’ve known the owner of Spammy’s for years, and I consider myself friends with most of the regulars. With that said, I am still in favor of the smoking ban. I am especially looking forward to the policy being enforced in restaurants. At the same time, however, I do feel that Spammy’s (and similar taverns) will be effected by the ban. For many smokers, it won’t be worth the $$ to sit at the poker machine and drink, if they can’t enjoy their toxic chemicals at the same time. Perfect Example: Would Snoop Dogg go to Spammy’s now that the ban is in effect? I think not!


  2. Brandt Avatar

    I listened to a patient tell my mentor that “there was no scientific proof that smoking will kill you.” We laughed after she was gone.


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