Is it really Monday?

Where did the weekend go?

Yesterday David and Libby Rasch stopped in for a visit.  I can’t believe it has been over 2 years since last seeing them, we need to make sure another 2 doesn’t go by before the next time.  It was great seeing you two!
Sunday evening took us to the Peoria Civic Center to see a Brian Regan performance.   The ride to Peoria was a little stressful – I wasn’t allowed to bring my laptop and we were running (in my opinion) late.  In liu of coding in the car, I had to resort to hosting a rousing game of “Name that Price” of items in the Sunday newspaper ads.  Everyone enjoyed it (I think) and it kept me from going insane without something to do for an hour.  After much distress over the time, we arrived a whopping 8 minutes before the start.  It turned out to be hilarious and worth every penny – I’d definitely go to another one.





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