2006 NLDS Champs

Go Cardinals!

Ana, myself, Dave and Josh went to Game 4 of the NLDS last night.  The umpires sucked – from our seats approximately 3,997 rows back from home plate and 35,000 feet in the air, we could clearly see the terrible ball and strike calls.  The pitching wasn’t very crisp but the Cardinals pulled it out and are now headed to New York to play the Mets.

4 thoughts on “2006 NLDS Champs

  1. Awesome. I got to go on Sat, but watched last night and thoroughly enjoyed myself (while only waking up the kids twice)! The strike zone floated all around last night, but once th Tyler and Adam came on, their breaking balls were so insane, I think the ump was just guessing, (luckily) calling them all strikes. Let’s enjoy this!

    I have a man crush on Pujols.



  2. It sure seemed like the umps were guessing. For a few inniings we just assumed that we had a terrible angle at the plate and therefore were seeing the ball wrong.

    I’ve heard several people mention the great breaking balls being thrown, wich I could have seen them.


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