Sore Sunday

Played some more paintball yesterday, more accurately woodsball.  After a long drought of non-play, we’ve been able to play twice in three weeks and even managed to pick up a couple new players.  The player pool is probably over a dozen at this point, which should make it easier to get 7-8 guys to play at any one time. 


My highlights (and lowlights) of yesterday include:

  • crawling on my stomach for 200+ ft. to sneak up on Jay.
  • Running the remaining 100ft to ambush him, only to be unable to stop (damn boots!) and landing in the gully next to him.  I also didn’t hear the yells for me to surrender until I landed next to him.  I surrendered.
  • Getting shot by my dad about 3 seconds after surrendering.  He was on my team.  That’ll teach me to ever surrender again, I suppose.
  • A long range shot to hit John on the ass as he was hiding from a teammate in another direction.
  • Chasing after Jay in our last match and finally landing one on his shoulder as he was asking his teammates if he had some paint on him.


All in all it was a good outing; I ended up with 3 or 4 kills.  Today I sure am sore though, between diving onto my knees, crawling, and general running and jumping in boots, my legs are killing me.






2 responses to “Sore Sunday”

  1. Big R Avatar
    Big R

    Wow. That woodsball entry in wiki is a little insane. I like the paragraphs given to the “controversy” over the label of ‘paintball sniper.’ Here is the best part:

    “Indeed, it may arguably be the most controversial issue in paintball today. Critics of paintball snipers argue that the very nature of military snipers contradicts that of paintball snipers, since paintball snipers in general cannot make kills at distances substantially greater than any infantryman. However, proponents counter that the difference is great enough to warrant a class distinction. As a kind of unwritten compromise, the term ‘paintball marksman’ is emerging in various areas throughout the world, which is more politically correct than the original term.”

    Thank God, that someone had the wisdom to come up with ‘paintball marksman’ to end this international standoff.

    Anyway, sorry I missed the fun.


  2. EJ Avatar

    And here I am worrying about shooting someone from 30 feet away!


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