* quote from Mussulman. That was after asking him about the wonderful weather he's getting in Champaign.  Springfield has been getting freezing rain pretty much all day and we're expecting 10-12" of snow tonight.  We've got so much ice right now that the screens on our north facing windows here at home are covered with … Continue reading Brrrr*


Finally, the way I always sit at my computer has been justified!  According to this article, the 135 degree, reclined position appears to be best for warding off back pain when sitting for long periods of time.

Radio Shark

As many of you know, I have a Radio Shark setup at home for recording radio shows.  Overall, the software sucks for it.  Getting it working for the first time was nothing short of a miracle - it had lots of trouble recording to a network drive.  For weeks it would not record right, but … Continue reading Radio Shark

3 Olives

That is what you get now when you request olives on your Subway Sandwich.  I learned this the hard way, after requesting olives be added the nice girl in training who was making my sandwich put the standard handful on my sandwich (close to 10 olive slices) and was promptly corrected by the veteran sandwich … Continue reading 3 Olives

Build System

Last night I put together a simple build system and got some of the application versioning in place for the future.  I'm running CruiseControl.NET for the builds but haven't set it up for continuous integration since I'm the only one coding.  I'm also not running any build tasks other than a straight compile, although once … Continue reading Build System

Registration Keys

Over the weekend I finally spent some time to tackle the problem of registration keys.  Particularly, generating them.  The last piece of software I attempted this was WakeUp! Alarm Clock, with a very cheesy, homegrown routine for creating a key tied to the user's name.  I never ran across any cracks/keygens for WakeUp! but I'm … Continue reading Registration Keys