DVD Changer

A week ago, Jay brought up the topic of movies on demand in his house. He was starting to look hard at going the DVD-to-hard drive route, when he ran across this awesome Media Center setup from Sony. That'd be a fantastic solution if I were willing to pay that much for it. Unfortunately I'm … Continue reading DVD Changer

Visual Studio 2005 sp1

I just kicked off the installer and was notified that the process could take several minutes to several hours!   Greeaaat, nothing like having a potentially unusable machine for a couple of hours.

Home Office

Over Thanksgiving weekend we rearranged things at home a little bit.  We have a formal dining room that has been sitting without furniture since we moved in, with no plans of filling it any time soon.  So we decided to start getting use out of the area for something other than junk. We moved Ana's … Continue reading Home Office


A while back I discussed needing to look into a new source control solution for Chef.  To recap, CVS had just gotten on my nerves for a few things: file deletion and moving; pretty crappy windows client support (gui); clunky (to me) branch management; and poor infrastructure on my network.  I just don't feel comfortable … Continue reading Perforce