Home Office

Over Thanksgiving weekend we rearranged things at home a little bit.  We have a formal dining room that has been sitting without furniture since we moved in, with no plans of filling it any time soon.  So we decided to start getting use out of the area for something other than junk.

We moved Ana’s Piano from the living room (the front living area in the house) into the dining room and then moved the office from upstairs down to the living room. I always disliked having to go all the way upstairs to sit at my desktop and work – it just felt so isolated.

So now I am sitting in our front room while Ana is in the family room watching tv, and I can watch it too.  And we can still hold a conversation, unlike when I was secluded upstairs.  All-in-all I really like it, I’ve gotten lots more done since I’ve been down here.  The only downside so far is that I’m sitting right next to a window, one that’s a little chilly when it’s less than 10 degrees outside 🙂





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