Computer parts

Tonight I ordered the parts for my new desktop at home.  After using dual-core machines for development (my work pc, and my home laptop), I've grown tired of the slow desktop (2Ghz athlon).  So, with Jay's assistance I've ended up with: Intel Core 2 Duo (E6400) 2GB RAM 160GB SATA HD GeForce 7900GS graphics card … Continue reading Computer parts


Those around me know that my car has been slowing breaking, bit by bit over the last year+.  It seemed that around the time for every oil change, something else would break on the car and end up costing 200-400 bucks.  The Check Engine light came on again a few weeks ago and during that … Continue reading Impala

Snow, snow, snow

As reported by a fellow Central Illinoisan, it's snowing like crazy today. Ana and I both decided to go to work this morning, even though there was a blizzard warning in effect. We decided to just come home around noon though, as reports kept coming in on how bad the roads were continuing to get. … Continue reading Snow, snow, snow